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Our Goal

The bloodhound of the York County District Attorney’s Office with K9 Handlers from the York County Sheriff’s Office plays a crucial role in law enforcement activities, particularly in tracking missing persons, locating suspects, and ensuring public safety. Sergeant Prince joined the unit in 2020 and is a key component of the York County Child Abduction Response Effort (C.A.R.E.) Team. Sergeant Prince is certified through the National Association of Professional Canine Handlers. Unfortunately, our beloved pets and working partners do not live as long as we would hope. Although Prince is in great condition and only 7 years old, he is expected to retire at the age of 10.

Recognizing this critical need, our Masonic Lodge has taken the responsibility of spearheading this fundraising campaign to provide the District Attorney’s Office with a new and highly-trained blood hound upon Prince’s retirement. The total cost and time it takes to acquire and train the blood hound will be approximately $75,000. This cost will include a fully-equipped new vehicle per the Sheriff’s Office specifications. ALL net proceeds from sponsorship donations/fundraising will go to the York County District Attorney’s Office K9 program.

The total cost of acquiring, training, and maintaining a bloodhound can be substantial, which is why we are asking local businesses and community leaders for their generous contributions. By becoming a sponsor, you will not only demonstrate your commitment to the safety and well-being of our community but also gain significant visibility and positive exposure through our promotional efforts.

If you or your organization shares our commitment to the betterment of our local community and the promotion of public safety, then consider contributing towards the cause and becoming a sponsor. Your support will make a significant impact in helping us achieve our fundraising goal and provide the Sheriff’s Office with a new bloodhound that will greatly enhance their capabilities.

The exposure from your investment into our community won’t stop after our Black-Tie Fundraising Event. All sponsors will remain on our website and other social media now and throughout the life of the new dog. Our intention is to showcase all sponsors by showing how your contribution benefits the community. Please visit the Sponsorship page for more information.